Symbiosis International Model United Nations Conference
Experience The Magic From 16th & 17th May 2021



Symbiosis International Model United Nations is an initiative to make students global leaders of tomorrow. Through this conference, we hope to provide a unique opportunity to engage students to be more productive with their potential while developing strong friendships.
The conference aims to draw attention to the fundamental issues of global importance through different committees. The focus will be on providing them with the ability to pause and think of concrete solutions and ways which in the future would help heal the world. A new era of revolution isn't far if we push the students beyond what they feel they can do and make them believe that they have the ability to achieve what they envision. From Anne Frank, leaving a mark at 14 to Malala creating an impact on the world at 16. We only realize that we don't need to grow up to find greatness. One is already so much more than what they think they are. Our team has put their best efforts into planning challenging topics as well as spirited social occasions for the participating students to enjoy getting to know each other.

Letter from the Co-Presidents


We, at Symbiosis International Model United Nations Conference (SIMUNC) aspire human development and fostering leadership skills. Our aim is to set up a platform for growth and empowerment of the global citizens of the future. It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to the SIMUNC‘21, it has always been a memorable journey for us over the previous editions which motivated us to organise this online conference despite the circumstances of COVID-19. We are gratified to be heading the 12th edition of this prestigious conference where we strive to create a setup that rewards research, critical thinking; debating and analytical skills of the highest order. Our expedition allows you to delve into the past and recreate the entire history, create peace and mutual understanding in your time, use your influence to wreak havoc or anarchy among nations or you can simply use your negotiation skills to barter secrets and strategies to put your nation on a higher pedestal.

Monalisa Dudhi

Monalisa Dudhi - Co-President

Kshitij Gupta

Kshitij Gupta - Co-President



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